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Angie Daw came to us wanting a website for herself and her real estate listings. I wanted to give her something different from the typical real estate website, especially since we had provided a rental company she was a part of a more industrial design. Being a stylish, contemporary woman I approached her site with that in mind. Dark colors, whites and aqua greens, coupled with textures of fresh paint and thin fonts help to achieve this style.

Along with the site I created her logo, a simple one of her name in a sleek font, and her business card. One side of the card was for her personal business, the other side for her rental business. A lot of information, but efficiently laid out.

A page for a property listing is laid out cleanly and as succinctly as possible. Information provided with a listing can be very overwhelming so I took care to make the different sections clear from one another using white space or background textures.

Property stats can get very long, so the info most often searched for are out in the open with a link to reveal the rest sitting plainly at the bottom of the section.