Information Site For An Innovation In Plastics
Design, front-end development, CMS customizing, photo editing and initial content loading
Made at Manwaring Web

Biologiq came to us ready to get the word out into the public more about their innovative product, a resin for making plastic more sustainable. They already had success in getting it financed and landing opportunities to create bags for vegetables and other products. But the word needed to be spread more so they wanted a nice, clean site that would be ideal to read their content on but still be aesthetically pleasing.

With their logo already created, I used it as inspiration for parts of the site. The gradients of greens are used in key places and earthy browns are brought in through heading text and photos.

The client had many infographics as part of his presentations that he would give, so I created a simple one that gives some of the more important points of the resin with links to more info. The text is still readable by screen-readers and Google, and on smaller screens it all swaps to a more basic grid layout, so no information is lost at any point.

Grounding every page (pun intended), is a call to action to contact the company set on top of a beautiful photo of healthy soil and budding plants.