Small Business E-commerce
Design, front-end development, CMS customizing, photo editing
Made at Manwaring Web is a small, local business selling well-crafted knee and elbow pads. They only have 2 products in 4 different colors. I drew on those colors to make the feel of the site— bold and brash. Thick, sans-serif fonts helps keep up the tough feeling throughout the site as well.

The banner at top features gorgeous photos of the products in use, and the section immediately following that leads the user to go peruse the shop, with images that change from greyscale to color on hover. More intrepid users can scroll on to see more . . .

Because the product line was limited, we thought it would be a fun idea to do a curtain reveal of one color to the other, with the product exactly the same otherwise. A nice, seamless change. I took one image of a knee pad and edited it into the 3 other available colors to achieve this effect.

This feature doesn't work quite so well on lesser IEs and mobile browsers, so users on those are served a normal scrolling version of the site, but is the same otherwise.

Seeing as they only had two products, this allowed for a beautiful, simple product catalog. No clutter, no choice fatigue.