Women's Healthcare
Design, logo design, business card design, front-end development, CMS customizing
Made at Manwaring Web

Margaret's site was an important one for me to nail the design on, seeing as she's my doctor! Knowing her and her aesthetic from my visits to her office, I knew she enjoyed things like floral patterns and brighter colors, but hated overwhelming pinks and lavenders. I approached the design with a feminine touch, but nothing outrageously "girly" like you may see out-of-touch companies use to tout "for women" line of products.

The flower illustrations were chosen with care, the beautiful thin lines and gentle silhouettes giving the site a softer touch along with the pale yellow palette, chosen for the sense of peace it invokes. I feel it's important for a doctor's site to feel soothing— it's stressful enough to need one in the first place, their website don't need to be frightening or too cold as well, and easy to read and find the right information!

Along with the website, I created the logo and business cards. Margaret told me she wanted to avoid undecipherable cursive, like her old logo had been, so I chose a more simplified script font that was much more readable.