An Exercise in Product Deisgn
Branding design, graphic design, logo design

For fun (and as practice) I started to build a branding for a line of headphones. I begun with an idea for a logo of a cat's head with equalizer bars creating the shape, and the name "purr", feeling the rich, sonorous sound of a cat's purr goes well with wanting a good pair of headphones to listen to music.

From there, I thought about my old experience as a manager in a music department and how most headphones were in black or white, very safe colors. Very boring. So I thought I would create a niche color brand line, made up of colors you rarely, or not at all, find in electronics. I brought those colors through to the boxes to help them stand out brilliantly on shelves. Even if these boxes are placed on the bottom shelf it can attract the eye!

Next steps I hope to do with this project is a web design, maybe if build, and other design assets, such as ads.