A Site for Townhouses in LA
Design, front-end development, CMS customizing (WordPress)

Site Coming Soon

The developers of these new modern townhouses being built in the hip neighborhood of Silver Lake in Los Angeles, CA needed a website to help promote them and draw in interest for propective buyers. They wanted something that reflected the chic, fun atmosphere of the area so I used colors and imagery that helped to invoke those very attributes. The aqua color is contemporary and cool on the eyes while still giving the feel of a warm pleasant day, with a hint of warmer colors to keep it from being monotonous.

The next step is building this in WordPress, with some changes to the design they felt weren't necessary to mock up (primarily merging the three townhome pages into one page since there won't be many differences between the three of them), so please check back for a future update!

Please click on the thumbnails to open the full images.