A Site for the Beautiful Town in Wyoming
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Thayne's site had been down for awhile and they wanted to get their presence back online so people looking for a gorgeous rural area to visit could find them and their quaint town. Being a town of only a few hundred, you know you can see all the stars so I pitched the opening image of a wide, beautiful shot of the night sky.

Having worked with city councils in the past, I knew they needed a lot of info on the homepage, and often would ask for it above the fabled fold, so I came up with the idea of a secondary, sticky navigation on just the homepage. It scrolls you to the section you may be looking for, with the current section you're on highlighted.

Their original site was a brown, clichéd design that they wanted to try to avoid and create a more subtle and contemporary design. This was achieved by using more colors than just shades of brown, using images with more saturated colors, and just a touch of cowboy through a sleek use of a double exposure effect.